• Welcome to fruitlab - The Greatest Gaming Community in the World! . . . . . On Monday it is fruitlab's 1st birthday - there will be PIPs everywhere!

Get ready for the HUGE fruitlab birthday party we have lined up for tomorrow! A full day packed with special events and festivities!! Big thanks to SweatyLogan for putting this birthday video together :)

Come and join us tomorrow for a very special day of events and activities to mark fruitlab's first birthday in Juice! Special thanks to Masterchief for producing this video :)

Anyone tried Spring Samurai?! If you have... you will appreciate this! Haha! The difficulty, the pain, the jubilation... @j0kep0ke captures it all beautifully! Enjoy! 

  • We would like to thank every single Player for helping bring this amazing community together! We have now surpassed 500,000 Registered Players!

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