About Us

October 2020

A very warm welcome from Team fruitlab

We are based in London. There is often a smell of toast in the mornings and of a ye old man’s pub in the evening. That’s just the way we roll. The team has a broad range of skills and backgrounds. Some are good at pool (emphasis on some), some are good at Clash of Clans and quite a lot are bad at CS:GO. We have the utmost respect for all Players and all game developers, and we try and be fair and open in everything we do.

We, like so many others, love gaming – we love CoD, RDR, LoL, FIFA, CoC, GTA, FH4, Gran Turismo, Minecraft, RL, Brawl Stars, Escape from Tarkov – the list is long. We have been fortunate enough to meet a few people in the industry and we have thanked them all for their efforts in building these big title games – without their investment and creativity none of us would have been able to have enjoyed so many thousands of hours of gameplay.

The fruitlab ethos is focused on community, a community where all gamers can go to share their love of gameplay. We see fruitlab as a partnership – a partnership between all gamers and ourselves. We believe the fruitlab reward points system, PIPs, is a fair transaction for everyone. We are all in this together and we all have to look after the site to ensure that it works as it is meant to work – for the benefit of everyone. We have been fortunate to have welcomed a large number of content creators to fruitlab and equally lucky to have signed up a number of moderators to help with the running of the platform.

Please note that we have lofty ambitions - we have only just started our journey and we are looking forward to bringing a number of exciting new developments to you over the coming months and years. We have already taken so much input and direction from Players in the creation of fruitlab, helping to make it what it is today, and we would love to hear more.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their continuing contribution to this amazing community – you make it the most amazing place to be!

Team fruitlab

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