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Hello everyone and my I first say thank you for taking the time to look at my profile. I am an up and coming streamer and soon to be content creator on various platforms I stream under the online name of toner_87 on twitch. About me: My name is James Toner but everyone knows me as Jay or even shorter J Family: Married to my beautiful wife and the love of my life Becci Toner and we have a 13 year old daughter who currently thinks we are not cool and we are just old (teenagers for you)Life: Served 16 years to her Majesty's Armed Forces as an RLC Driver during this time I got to see a lot of the world and took part in many adventure training exercises ranging from walking to sailing and from rock climbing to caving I truly had a life experience during my time but due to injury and my body failing to heal itself consistently I found myself in a dilemma for which I chose to leave the life of Army behind to be a more family man and just being here constantly for my little family. Streaming: Started in January of 2021 and I have came a long way I have created my own discord server with bots galore and set up everything needed for streaming IE; Streamlabs OBS Overlays and with absolutely no prior knowledge of computing. Achievements: Sailed around Cape Horn total journey was from Auckland New Zealand to Montevideo Uruguay (6733 miles sailed) this has to be my top achievement. Many thanks for taking time to read this Bio J Toner



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