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⚠️NOOB gamer/PRO streamer⚠️ 🤘About Me🤘 Just your typical 31 year old gamer from Texas. I work full time Construction along with being a full time family man just looking to make my mark on the world. I love this crazy streaming life. 🔥Type Of Content🔥 Currently making up new ideas everyday for a better experience. I am using Hotmics, Team Wipes, Clutch Moments, and Fun Sniper Shots. If you would like me to change anything up just let me know when I'm live or comment on a video and I got you. Stay Frosty Noobies 🤡Why SuperNoob? 🤡 There are to many Pros out there on the Internet and felt like it was time to change up the tempo. What you are gonna see is a slightly above average gamer that does decent and I mix in some rage and comedy. Join my channel and become what I call "MY NOOBIE". Don't be afraid to show your inner Noob. 🔥Streaming Schedule🔥 (CST)Mon: 5:30pm - Late Tues: 5:30pm - Late Wed: 5:30pm - Late Fri: 5:30pm - Late Various times on Weekends



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