fruitlab is the greatest place in the world for the billions of people that enjoy games


You can post any content you like, be it video or photo, as long as you own it and it is appropriate!


PIPs today are explained below, more information on the PIP tokenisation will be released soon


Play games as often as you like, including Head-to-Head challenges for PIPs


Posting content

Earning PIPs



PIPS EARNED13,235,616,418




fruitlab Explained

fruitlab is a community platform for the billions of people in the world that enjoy smiling or gaming or smiling and gaming.

fruitlab is being developed in conjunction with the community, with upgrades being based on community consultation and feedback. If you have any suggestions for improvement please do place them in the Suggestions channel in Juice. The development of the platform is overseen by @Martyn, who can be messaged in Juice.


The objectives of fruitlab are straightforward; create a fully inclusive, open, fair, rewarding and downright amazing good time, positive place for people to enjoy themselves. The backbone of the site has the following vertebrae:

  • Posting your content and watching the content of others
  • Engaging with other fruitlab members through comments, posts and the community chat, Juice
  • Playing games and competing with members for value
  • Shopping

These are underpinned by the heart and soul of the platform, the value units PIPs, but more on PIPs in a moment.

It’s ALL about the player...
  • Upload Post


    fruitlab is here for you to share your content, both your photos (on the mobile app and coming soon to the web version of fruitlab) and your videos (web and app), with other fruitlab members. You can post your content by selecting the upload icon and are encouraged to post as frequently as you like. Your content is up to you, Team fruitlab do not exercise control over your content, as long as you keep it ’appropriate’! Video content generates PIPs when it is watched (please note that you need to be over 13 years old and post videos over 15 seconds in length to earn PIPs). Every Friday Team fruitlab holds an awards ceremony in Juice for noteworthy content posted during that week, which is well worth a look! If you would like your content to be considered for promotion by Team fruitlab or for an award, please contact @mellowedmoose via direct message in Juice. If you are a serious content creator and would like to be considered for the fruitlab Partner Program, please message @chay, who runs the fruitlab Partner Program.



    The fruitlab Arcade is available to everyone and contains a large number of games of skill (the outcome of the games is based on player skill rather than chance). The fruitlab Arcade is available on web and app from the main menu. Some of the games are available for members to play in head-to-head competitions for PIPs, “Challenges”. Here members can stake their PIPs against each other with the winner of the Challenge receiving the total staked PIPs less a 10% fee. There are lots of statistics available on your performance and far too many features to list, we would recommend that you go and explore the Arcade and have a play! Arcade is run by @condebarbarian, if you have any issues or suggestions, please message him in Juice.



    In order for everyone to communicate we have the wonderful world of Juice. Everyone can chat in Juice and send each other direct messages (DMs). Head on over and say hello! Juice is run by @verified, @slav and @lamb, please feel free to say hello to them and ask them any questions.



    fruitlab could not exist without the assistance of our amazing team of moderators. You can spot a moderator because their profile pictures are bright yellow. These people are amazing and can help you with any questions. Please note, moderators have many powers over the platform and are in constant contact with staff!

  • TEAM


    Team fruitlab make the magic happen and can often be found on the platform in Juice, watching content and playing in Arcade. They are easily identified by the bright green ring around their profile pictures. Most of them don’t bite so feel free to drop them a message to say ‘Hi!’

  • PIPs


    PIPs are the fruitlab value units. There are numerous ways in which you can earn, purchase or win PIPs. A full explanation of PIPs can be found on the PIPs page.

    In summary, when videos that you have posted are viewed* your fruitlab account will be credited with PIPs (it may take the platform a few moments to update). PIPs can be used in the fruitlab Shop or in the fruitlab Arcade for staking.

    *Please note videos under 15 seconds in length do not generate PIPs and that fruitlab has numerous protection mechanisms in place to prevent the recognition of non-genuine views, if a non-genuine view has been detected your account will not be credited with PIPs.

  • XP


    When you are active on fruitlab you will earn XP. XP is credited to your fruitlab account for a number of activities and is credited immediately (again, it may take the platform a few moments to update). XP Bonuses are credited to your XP account as you collect them. The full list of XP activities and amounts can be found here. XP converts to PIPs on a weekly basis as set out below.



    At the end of each week, the XP that you have accumulated over the course of the previous week is used to determine your share of the weekly Community PIP Pot. The size of the Community PIP Pot is determined by the overall activity of the fruitlab community (all members added together) over the course of that week. You will receive a notification when your share of the Community PIP Pot is credited to your account.

  • fruitlab has a thriving and engaged community that we welcome you into and ask you to respect the community in everything you do.

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