Apex Legends Emergence Announcement

Apex Legends Emergence Announcement

The new season of Apex Legends was announced towards the end of last week during a special announcement show. The new season is titled Emergence and will launch at the start of August along with a new Legend being brought into the game: Seer

A new gameplay trailer is set to release on the 26th of July (it will already be out by the time this article goes live!) marking just over one week until the release date of August 3rd! So far, however, a cinematic trailer has been shown and it gave us a small look at just how Seer plays!

The overall consensus surrounding Seer so far is that he's a tracker. He uses a heartbeat sensor that shows just where enemies are camped out throughout the nearby area, his microdrones allow for precise tracking of the enemies.

As well as the addition of Seer, the Emergence season will add the Ranked mode to Arenas to Apex legends which is a much-requested change for the fans of the 3v3 mode that was added during the Legacy season!


Apex Legends has been a huge hit ever since its almost overnight success following a release that took place with almost no marketing runup! The game's been plagued recently with being hacked by the Titanfall community, another game made by the Apex Developers Respawn. This caused downtime for the game with the game modes showcasing text that had been placed by the hackers. The hackers were complaining about the ongoing and seemingly unattended issues that have faced the game up till this point.


Beneath this text, you can also view the gameplay reveal trailer for Seer! Check it out!



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