Arcade 1 Million Raffle!

Arcade 1 Million Raffle!

It's been a crazy time here in the fruitlab office, with all of the staff team just starting to recover from the insane fruitlab 1st Birthday Celebrations, we're just around the corner from having 1 million total games played in our very own fruitlab Arcade! Now then, you've likely heard of customers receiving rewards for being the 1 millionth customer to enter a shop, we decided to take that idea and give it a fruitlab makeover...It's our pleasure to announce the fruitlab Arcade 1 Million Raffle! 

There's going to be a whole lot of prizes up for grabs, and you have just as much chance as anyone taking part to win...Unless you complete some extra mini objectives of which can be seen below!

Entry requirements:

  • 10 Challenges = 1 entry
  • Every 100th challenge = 5 entries

This gives you an insane chance to bag yourself a crazy number of entries simply by creating more challenges! 


Now then, you've heard the entry requirements, your next thought is probably of the prize pool we have up for grabs! Who wouldn't be thinking of that, the chance to win pips and more is on the line!



  • 1st - 200k PIPs, 200k XP +  official fruitlab hoody!
  • 2nd - 100k PIPs, 100k XP + Official fruitlab T-Shirt
  • 3rd - 50k PIPs, 50k XP
  • 4th - 30k PIPs, 30k XP
  • 5th - 20k PIPs, 20k XP


Now that you know the ways to enter as well as the incredible prize pool up for grabs, what's stopping you from entering! It's going to be an insanely fun time as well as an incredibly rewarding one for the winners! Get stuck into the arcade and etch your name into fruitlab history...We're waiting to welcome you!


Catch you all in the arcade!


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