Bestbuy Challenge Winners

Bestbuy Challenge Winners

The #bestbuy Slice Challenge has been taking place over the past few weeks, with a slew of incredibly interesting entries including things we'd never expected people to own! It's been a great challenge to watch over, however, now we have had to decide on the winners. And to the victors go the spoils, in this case- a unique T-shirt available only to the winners of the challenge! 





This is incredible! TMCLOSKY has his very own Mr.Do! Arcade gaming machine in his house! The insane point of this one is that he didn't even buy this one as you see it now! It started off as a Streetfighter Arcade machine, through pure creative genius, it's now what you see here today! Go and take a look at the process over his channel and watch the winning video here!



Our next winner was IlBuon with another one of a kind purchase! His two hand-sculpted wooden sculptures! These sorts of designs are crazily unique and when purchasing one, you know that no one else will own something just like what you have! Check it out by clicking right here!



Our third winner was JAYFROMCLT with his drippy Sprayground Authentic Bookbag! What else shows off to people that see you that you're the most drippy guy around?!? At this point, you're just putting the drip on the full showcase and we really do love to see it! Check this one out now for a new idea for something that you should buy! Watch it right here!



J-Play himself was the second to last winner for the Best Buy challenge! Now this one is any racing sim players dream! The setup is clean and as we know, J-Play has the skills to win all the medals with his gameplay! With more and more people getting into these sorts of games since the beginning of lockdown, take some inspiration on just what you should pick up to becoming a driving god right here!



Now for the last winner of the Best Buy challenge was TheProfessor340! Now this one made us all laugh even once the video had ended, so it more than earned its place within the winning 5 entries! Sometimes that sort of drink is just what's needed after a long day and there's always a place for that here on fruitlab! We welcome you gladly! Check the video out here!


Now then, go and give a huge congratulations to all of the winners featured within this article and we hope to see all of you taking part in the next competition we host (Just wait and see how cool it's going to be!)


Wishing you all well,


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