Fortnite at Five winners win big!

Fortnite at Five winners win big!

There were more Players and more winners than ever at the weekly Fortnite at Five (F@5) games this Saturday!

We had a record amount of participents fighting for the Victory Royale, and even some fruitlab staff members - although they didn't last too long!

Big congratulations to Pablobr1605, BlackLamb67 and Et. for getting the wins and winning a massive 10,000 PIPS each!

Check out Et.'s perspective from their winning game by clicking here.

We also had 3 winners for the highest kills in each game - Dudes_life, MMRM777 and ItzAlegrz - they also got 10,000 PIPS each so a big shout out to them too.

Do you think you've got what it takes to take on the fruitlab staff and users at Fortnite and win some big prizes? Join the conversation on Juice to get involved - every Saturday at 5pm.

And if you would like to see any other games up for competition let us know - we are always open to suggestions!