fruitlab Challenge Month

fruitlab Challenge Month







(One hundred million PIPs is equivalent to $10,000.00)


The exciting new #challenge world at fruitlab is growing at a tremendous and exciting pace – we have all seen the immense viewing figures that the #challenge videos have been attracting!

To throw a huge bucket of paraffin on this raging fire of fun and to celebrate the launch of the fruitlab mobile apps (Yes - they are available now in the App Store and Play Store), we will be sponsoring your amazing #challenge ideas in December to the tune of 100,000,000 PIPs.

December is officially fruitlab #challenge month!

The number of #challenges that we will be supporting with the 100,000,000 PIPs has not been decided – this will be determined by what YOU come up with.

Your #challenges can be anything!

They can be photo or video #challenges!

Each #challenge will be different and could have different prizes. We will create a list of the #challenges and let everyone know the details of the entry criteria and prizes available.

For example, the prize money for a #challenge could be split between 5 winners as follows:

First place- 500,000 PIPs $50 equiv.

Second place- 200,000 PIPs $20 equiv.

Third place- 100,000 PIPs $10 equiv.

Fourth place- 100,000 PIPs $10 equiv.

Fifth place- 100,000 PIPs $10 equiv.

Total- 1,000,000 PIPs $100 equiv.


In addition, each #challenge host will receive 100,000 PIPs ($10 equiv.) (as long as their #challenge receives more than 10 entries).



  • Hosting a photo or video #challenge: if you would like to host a #challenge please submit your #challenge idea to the following members of Team fruitlab -@verified (staff), @Lamb (staff) and @slav (staff)before 25th November.  #challenges can be either video or photo based (photos being visible in the app). #challenges can be in relation to anything that the host wishes – any subject matter, action or activity. There are no boundaries to the #challenge – if Team fruitlab believe it to be dangerous or may cause an international incident, it may not be selected for sponsorship(!). Each person can put forward as many suggestions as they like and can host as many #challenges as they like – whether they receive fruitlab support is up to Team fruitlab – but that does not stop anyone from running their own #challenges at any time. The host of their #challenge is required to post a video or photo that sets out the nature of their #challenge or provides an example of the #challenge. Note: Team fruitlab have a few #challenge ideas of their own and will be putting some #challenges forward (unless you think of the same ones!).  These will be included in the sponsored #challenge list when announced.
  • Existing #challenges: #challenges that are currently running will be considered for sponsorship if the host would like us to consider their #challenge. The dates of entry can remain as is or be amended. If you are running a #challenge at the moment please get in touch with either @verified (staff), @Lamb (staff)or@Slav (Staff).
  • Selection of #challenges: Team fruitlab will select the #challenges that they believe will be the most fun for the fruitlab community. Selections will be made between 25th November and 27th November.  Following selection, Team fruitlab will consult with the #challenge hosts.
  • Announcement of sponsored #challenges: the #challenges will largely start on 1st December, or a suitable date close thereto, as agreed with the #challenge host. The list of selected #challenges will be made available and will be available from a member of Team fruitlab at any time.
  • Entering #challenges: Each person can enter as many #challenges as they like (including the host) with as many entries as they like, and each person is eligible to win as many #challenges as they are worthy of winning – there is no restriction on entering or winning. Each person can win as many placings (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc) as they are worthy of in each #challenge, as determined by Team fruitlab.
  • Winning: The #challenges will close on around 20th December, unless agreed and announced otherwise.
  • Winners announcement: Team fruitlab will assess all entries and determine the winners in consultation with the hosts. The decision of Team fruitlab will be final. The winners are expected to be announced around 23rd December.  It may take more than 1 day to announce the winners.
  • Special prizes: exceptional entries to any #challenge will be eligible to receive additional PIP and merch prizes. Details will be announced at the time.


Team fruitlab will keep people updated on the #challenges and are working on ways in which the #challenges will be easy to find.

We are looking forward to seeing what amazing #challenges people dream up and looking forward to the entries even more! … remember the #challenges can be for anything; it is truly unlimited!

Let the festive season begin!

Warmest regards,

Team fruitlab