fruitlab update - v1.5 patch notes

fruitlab update - v1.5 patch notes

The fruitlab team has been busy in the shed crafting the next round of improvements for the platform. After the additions of Juice and Arcade in December, our focus now is on improvements to the existing functionality by polishing, fixing bugs and making things slicker. So with bleary eyes, we present fruitlab v1.5!

The following updates have been included in this release:

1) Addition of Sergeant Screwpine rank which unlocks the following:

a) Comms Tent- our notification centre that alerts you every time you receive a new donation or gain a new follower

b) Emblems- achievement Emblems that you can earn on fruitlab. Currently these are limited to the top players in various categories as well as hitting certain number of followers. We will be adding more Emblems over the coming weeks! (Please note the Emblems get updated once per day so you won’t see them immediately)

c) Chain Stats- this is your active streak on fruitlab. Every consecutive day that you log in and watch a video, your chain will increase. If you miss a day, your chain will reset.

d) Background Image on Player homepage- we have added a series of rotating images that will auto populate the background of your player page

2) Changes to the layout of the home page with additional tiles for stories and articles.

3) Addition of extra products to the shop. To start with we have a limited edition run of 50 fruitlab hoodies. These are numbered and embroidered with the fruiltlab logo- stock is very limited so get your orders in now!

4) Transaction history is now summarised- rather than every PIP transaction being detailed, you can now see a summary of your PIP earnings for each day.

5) Navigation improvements:

a) Addition of followers to the dropdown menu where you can link to your followers list

b) Challenge page has been moved to the drop-down menu on mobile

c) Jukebox feature has been removed

In addition, there has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes with optimisations to the database which should improve site load speeds.

We are fully aware of the challenges that are being experienced with Juice at the moment. This has been caused by us drastically underestimating the popularity of the feature and as a result doing a pretty poor job at building it.  We are working hard on a major update which should address the lag and reliability issues that we are facing.  Please bear with us whilst we make these changes!

As always please feedback any bugs or issues to us via Juice either in the General Chat or by direct messaging staff members.

Thanks for the ongoing support!