GTA roleplay

GTA roleplay

Hi my name is the TheDarkAngel, the CEO of TDA Entertainment. I am writing this article to present to this wonderful community an exciting opportunity. I am currently working on a GTA 5 roleplaying community on Xbox and I would love to get as many people involved.

What’s the community called and based around?

The community is called The Cops of Los Santos or TCLS RP we are a community based on police, civilian and ems role-play. Or if you would prefer you could turn it into a life simulator as well.

Who Can Join?

At the moment the community is still being developed and all relevant information for roles and what you can do will be published in a website soon. The community is mainly for members who are 16+ but we will be introducing a Cadet’s Programme that allows for people aged 11-15 to join in as well.

Why only on Xbox?

Currently I am the only person working on this project so it takes a lot of management and time to be able to run this, sometimes this can take time that I may not have. I currently only own an Xbox myself so it is limited to their so I can manage the community efficiently. However If interest is high enough I will look at expanding the community to PS4 and PC but at this moment we are based on Xbox. This doesn’t mean you will have to lose out however as we will have many roles for people even if they don’t own an Xbox.

I’m interested what can I do?

Below will be a link to register your interest for the community, if you don’t own an Xbox but are still interested you can still fill out the form. Alternatively you can also DM me here on fruitlab or you can email if you have any more questions.

Anyone who registers interest will be sent a link to the official website when it is up and running and will be sent updates on the development of the community.

Register your interest here:

By TDAEntertainment