How To Earn XP

How To Earn XP

The Big Question - How can I earn XP? Whilst we are always happy to answer in Juice we thought we would give you an update in this convenient article!


There have been several changes over recent months to the set-up of the fruitlab platform. We thought it could be helpful for us to provide a summary of the current simplified system settings concerning XP and PIPs.



The accumulation of XP over the course of a week determines the share of the weekly PIP pot. 

The distribution of the PIP Pot is based on proportions in that week.

There are no adjustments to the XP balances - the ratio of one user's XP in a week to other users determines the percentage of the PIP Pot.

The current ways of earning XP are as follows:

In The fruitlab App

 XP Per Day: Watching non-Partner Videos 
Posting Photos10,00061%
Watching Videos6,00036%
Uploading Videos5003%
Total Available16,510 


 XP Per Day: Watching Partner Videos 
Posting Photos10,00044%
Watching Videos12,00053%
Uploading Videos5002%
Total Available22,510 


On The Fruitlab Website

 XP Per Day: Watching non-Partner Videos 
Watching Videos2,00086%
Uploading Videos30013%
Total Available 2,314 


 XP Per Day: Watching Partner Videos 
Watching Videos4,00093%
Uploading Videos3007%
Total Available4,314 


Total XP Available Per Day

 Watching non-Partner Videos Watching Partner Videos 






Total18,824 26,824 


XP On Watching Videos

  • A video needs to be watched for 3 seconds to generate  XP.
  • Each Video can generate XP once per day per user.
  • On the website skipping the pre-roll advert does not affect the generation of XP or PIPs, which is driven by whether the video is watched for more than 3 seconds.


We really hope that using this guide you can streamline your XP earning and be onto the top 100 leaderboards in no time! We can't wait to see you there!


Wishing you all well,


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