JTG Counter-Strike Tournament Guide

JTG Counter-Strike Tournament Guide

JTG Counter Strike Wingman/5v5 Tournament

This guide will give you information on how you can join the JTG Counter Strike Tournaments.

What’s required?

  • A faceit account 
  • 40 hours of cs:go playtime on your steam account
  • Faceit anti cheat, installed, updated and running during the tournament!

(The Faceit Client is also recommend but not required as you can just use the web browser!)

The rules 

  • Both Tournaments have best of 1 knockout rounds.
  • You win you go through, you loose and you’re out!
  • The rule sets of matches are the same as standard 5v5 and wingman games in counter strike

How many players do I need?

  • You can join as either a solo, party or as a team!
  • Joining as a solo is simply joining as yourself 
  • Joining as a party would be creating a party on faceit with any number of players between 2-5 and selecting the join party option.
  • Joining as a team will require you to create a team on the faceit hub and joining you and 4 teammates into the tournament. (make sure your whole team has accepted the team invite or you won’t be able to select them for your team). 
  • Joining as a solo or party means that the rest of the spaces in your team will be randomly filled but message justthose_guys on fruitlabs and they will try to find you the extra players in advance.

How to join!

  • The tournaments will be created throughout the week be justthose_guys
  • This will generate a link players can use to get to the tournament page and join
  • This link will be posted across the juice chat during the week but if you can’t find it don’t hesitate to message justthose_guys and they can send it to you.
  • Joining as a team will be available to join instantly but party and solo queue won’t be open until an hour before the tournament starts.

See you there!