League of Legends Tournament Update

League of Legends Tournament Update

League of Legends Tournament 

Hello fellow League of Legends comrades! In light of the recent developments and success of the tournament we are going to implement some new rules and structures to how everything will work moving forward. However, do not worry. These changes are for the benefit of the tournament. 

In recent weeks we have seen an increase in the number of teams entering the competition which has led to more exciting matches and longer tournaments. As much as we want to encourage more users to play, we need to iron out technicalities to ensure the tournament is as fair as possible and runs efficiently and smoothly! 

Starting from this week, a number of small changes will be made to the tournament. 

First of all, we will now only be taking an even number of teams in multiples of 2. The minimum number of teams that can play will be 4 and the maximum will be 12. This is to prevent an odd number of teams entering the tournament forcing a team to wait on the side-lines while the rest of the teams play.  

Due to this, we will be running a first come first serve policy. If you are the last team to enter and this makes the number of teams uneven, you will not be able to play that week. However, you will have a guaranteed place for the following week provided you and your team are available. 

Secondly, we will be structuring the tournament to run either by round robin or single elimination knockouts. The structure will depend on the number of teams confirmed for that week. For example, if we have only 4 or 6 teams we will likely play round robin. If we have 8 or 12 we will play single elimination knockouts.  

With the addition of this new structure, we have created a discord channel where we will be posting the bracket for the tournament an hour before we start. This will not contain player information, only team names relating to who is facing who. The link for the fruitlab discord will be posted below. 

If you would like to research your opponent's champions and stats, we will be allowing a 5-minute window once teams have been added to a lobby. In addition to this, we will now be hosting matches using tournament draft mode, allowing for a full 5 champion ban selection.  

If your game has finished and you are awaiting your next opponent, please check the tournament bracket to find out which team you are playing next and message ‘r3gaNEU’ on the League of Legends client to be added to your next game should ‘ConDeBarBarian’ be in-game.  

Lastly, we are introducing a deadline for entering the tournament which will be set at 12PM BST (2 hours before starting), this is to allow us enough time to create the bracket and ensure the tournament runs on-time.  

As always, you must have a 5 man team to enter and leaving a match prematurely will result in a penalty against your teams' ability to play in future tournaments. You can however forfeit as a team. 

Discord: https://discord.gg/zHJxhna

Staff: DM ‘ConDeBarBarian’ for details