LeBron James In Fortnite

LeBron James In Fortnite

Basketball superstar LeBron James of the LA Lakers will now be joining Fortnite as their newest playable athlete on July 14th (He will be out by the time you read this!) with two different outfits for you to choose from to drip out his character! One of the outfits takes inspiration from his "Tune Squad jersey" from the upcoming film Space Jam: A New Legacy which releases in Cinemas soon! (Also most likely out by the time you read this!)

Regardless of the outfit you decide to dress up LeBron in, he'll be wearing his staple point shoe, the Nike LeBron 19! The outfits were created with the mind of showcasing a different part of the Hall of Famer! 

The LeBron James Outfit blends "the best of LeBron's on-court and pre-game persona," and it includes the Lebron James Outfit, the King's Back Bling, and optional sunglasses. Alongside this outfit will be a King James Gear Bundle that includes The Lion Pickaxe, the Wingspan Glider, and The Silencer emote.

The Outfit, Back Bling, Pickaxe, and Glider all feature a progressive edit slider that will let players add more than 20 gold variations to them.

The Space Jam: A New Legacy-themed outfit, officially known as the Tune Squad Lebron Outfit, will include LeBron's Taco Tuesday style Variant and Pack Supreme Back Bling, letting you "take a guac on LeBron's wild side."


The outfit adds a cool and pretty unique feature to the mix with the ability to choose how much gold you want to add to your outfit, you can choose to stay minimal and low key or go full flex and showcase your dripped out gold skin!

The idea of having real-world athlete superstars in-game has been a great hit within the wider Fortnite community as who wouldn't want to drop into the game as their favourite athlete from a number of different sports and countries, proving that sport really does conquer all boundaries and barriers!

The LeBron themed items will be available within the Fortnite Item shop for a period of time before it rotates out again. If you wish to go big and buy absolutely everything then there's a well-named "King James Bundle" for you, which includes all the outfits, Back Blings and loading screen to meet all your basketball needs!

LeBron adds to the list of Athletes' so far added to Fortnite which up to this point includes: Neymar Jr, Harry Kane and Marco Reus!


Will you be picking up this dripped out LeBron James skin to add to your Fortnite locker? Or perhaps you've already got enough skins to last you for a lifetime! Regardless of your answer, we want to hear all about it in Juice!


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