Partner and Award Spotlight 9/7

Partner and Award Spotlight 9/7

New Partners and Awards spotlight!  


This Friday, the momentous partnership event took place as it does every Friday, the moment when a red becomes purple! Receiving the fruitlab partnership is not something that comes easily, so witnessing the event is truly a moment to behold! Provided your computer can keep up with the spam (If it can’t, we recommend using our brand-new app to make your troubles much easier!) We will be featuring the new partners and awards within an article with a quick summary of which we plan to post every week on either Friday or Saturday!  

We are also trying out a new Partners and Awards format this week, with ErocktheRed making a video summary of all of the new Partners and Awards for the week! Check it out on his channel for a quick roundup! 

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Our first partner for the week was AmericanRiotTV, bringing us content from an insane range of games, the self-proclaimed King of Hype is here to brighten up your day with his incredibly funny videos which you can just watch for hours on end! Do you want Apex? Escape From Tarkov? DayZ? Well, he's got it! Make sure to check him out for a good time!



Our next partner for this week was Wispy_Gaming! Our main Ark and Destiny man! With a personality that keeps you hooked on watching his long and short-form content, you're onto a real winner here by checking out his channel! There's even an Among Us video mixed in as well as some OBS settings he recommends for those of you who enjoy getting your steam on! Check him out now!



Now then, last up but by no means least, we had evilgeniustitus ascend to the realms of partnership! Our very own former professional wrestler! As if that wasn't cool enough in itself, He's here to bring Vodcasts, Warzone gameplay, GTA gameplay and even some No Man's Sky! With a personality that's built to entertain, we should hardly need to tell you that it's worth watching his content! Do it now!




Award 1

maria.personaltraining takes home this week's Series Of The Week with her 30-day fitness series that is currently in progress! You can check out this series by clicking right here! For those of you who enjoy getting your fitness game on point, this is a great way for you to learn some new workout ideas! Check it out!


Award 2

This is an award we are not sure how to describe, we've all been there, Quakles3d1 is here to show us the We already have that at home...However, this is BEANS! "We Have Fall Guys at Home". This Video is incredibly funny and you should check it out for a good laugh!


Award 3

DeathKnellZero takes home the third award for this week with his video: WHAT GAMES DO YOU REGRET SPENDING MONEY ON? This is always a tricky task for gamers... Working out which game you should decide to pick up... The difficulty is often the game you end up deciding to pull the trigger on turns out to not be worth the money whatsoever. Join DeathKnellZero as he speaks about his games!


Award 4

Amodillo is here to grab the fourth award for this week! With his video: Gold David Beckham Historic Ticket! Now, this is a pull and a half! Selling for around 1.5 thousand dollars, this is something which would certainly put you in a good place when it comes to money! The luck was on point and you can't help but feel jealous! Nice pull!


Award 5

EpicNau takes home Award 5 for this week! With his video: How to Kill a Sniper. Well, this is both funny and impressive! You can only imagine the pure fear that fell upon the Sniper seeing this rocket flying directly towards him! Can we grab an F in chat for the sniper and a pog for the kill!


Award 6

MrMotivation is here to secure himself Award 6 with his video: back to the LOBBY for this duo. | Escape From Tarkov. We all know that Escape From Tarkov is one of those games which requires a lot of listening and stealth in order to stay alive for longer than a few minutes! Drop a congratulatory message for this nutty play!


Award 7

JamesFlux take home Award 7 for this week as the Newcomer of the Week! Having only been on fruitlab for just over a week, he's already making waves in the scene with his great Apex Videos of gameplay and pure Apex Knowledge! Check him out for some great content!


Award 8

Travisteez takes home Award 8 for this week with his great video: Early wipe Raid with Reshala and the boys. You already know the Escape From Tarkov gameplays about to be insane when Travisteez gets involved! With the recent wipe, it was prime time for some high yield raids! Check it out now!


Award 9

ILYoT is the winner of Award 9 for this week! With his video: How 7 months of playing Omen Looks like. Valorant can be a very tough game at times, with the high skill level required and versatile heroes with various powerups at their disposal, you can be certain that victory is a hard battle. Check out this masterclass of Omen-ness!


Award 10

GrimlockePrime takes home Award 10! With their review video: Ratchet&Clank Rift Apart No Spoilers Review. Back at it again with another game review! And to top it off, no spoilers included! You can always be sure that you're in for a quality review when GrimlockePrime is at the wheel! Check it out now!    


So, go out there, enhance your content, and keep it weird for the chance to be partnered or even to win an award! Check back here next week to see who has won once more. We hope to see you in Juice! As always, enjoy yourselves and make sure to upload your best gaming moments to fruitlab!        


Wishing you all well,   



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