Partner and Award Spotlight 16/7

Partner and Award Spotlight 16/7

New Partners and Awards spotlight!  


This Friday, the momentous partnership event took place as it does every Friday, the moment when a red becomes purple! Receiving the fruitlab partnership is not something that comes easily, so witnessing the event is truly a moment to behold! Provided your computer can keep up with the spam (If it can’t, we recommend using our brand-new app to make your troubles much easier!) We will be featuring the new partners and awards within an article with a quick summary of which we plan to post every week on either Friday or Saturday!  

We are also continuing to try out a new Partners and Awards format this week, with Jocool and Tubbz making a video summary of all of the new Partners and Awards for the week! Check it out on Jocool's channel for a quick roundup! 

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First, up for this week, was none other than the German mastermind DanielsDK! Bringing us high skill and enjoyable gameplay from a range of games, it was only a matter of time before he made this jump to partnership! From Fall Guys to Rocket League, there's going to be something there that you enjoy watching! With the Rocket League skill to take down a small nation, it's time to get following this German beast! 



The second up to enter the world of partnership this week was TPshow! An incredibly interesting channel right here! Vodcasts and reviews galore! TPshow makes great content for you to watch! We've loved having their videos on at the office whilst we work to learn new things whilst improving fruitlab to our greatest abilities! Check them out now for some great content!



Our final partner for this week was letsgetriped! Now then, a profile unlike any we've seen before on the platform! A real superhero transition is underway here! Join as he works to improve his body to a level that's unseen before! The battle will be hard but worth it! Check out all the progress updates and workout ideas, who knows... This could be you next!





Award 1

Abbadon XS was the first to receive an award this week with his video: Call of Duty Lobbies in 2021. We're not quite sure what to say about this one as you really just need to hear it for yourself. Good old Call of Duty mic's to come to the rescue, always there to make you laugh at the end of a game or even sometimes during one! Check it out!


Award 2

Knightriver takes home our second award for this week, with his video: Walking is hard - Stop Motion. Who doesn't love a bit of stop motion, many people grew up watching things like Wallice and Gromit, so seeing videos like this never fails to bring a smile to your face! Watch it now!


Award 3

SnipeU1st is the winner of the third award to be given out this week! The Video: Stream Setup is what's secured him this! Who doesn't like to see a cool setup fully decked out in RGB, clean peripherals and even a stuffed animal taking to the gaming chair! Check it out for some of your very own setup inspiration!


Award 4

ILYoT grabs the fourth award for this week with his video: Swallows waterfall adventure (Bulgaria) with ILYoT. Now this one's quite something! What's better than sitting back, relaxing and checking out an exploration video! Maybe you'll even find some inspiration of your own to want to go on an adventure!


Award 5

tacoandnachotv take home the fifth award for this week in spectacular fashion with their video: His response to everything... A teenagers sense of humour is something to marvel at every now and then, however other times it's just weird on another level... You just can't help but laugh though!


Award 6

Quakles3d1 takes home the sixth award for this week with the great fruitlab Apex video: The Fruitlab Apex Tourney Overview in a Nutshell. The fruitlab Apex Legends tournament was a huge success! With the lobby being entirely filled out, the tensions were high and the gameplay was intense! Check out this video to watch some of the action that took place throughout!


Award 7

ScottyLazer secures the seventh award for this week, with his video: BEST of NOPIXEL | Scottylazer | Who doesn't enjoy watching a good bit of NOPIXEL! GTA with mods is just a whole new game with an insane amount of possibilities for you to play out! Check it out and why not also try the game for yourself!


Award 8

JD_GAMES grabs the eighth award for this week with his video: Taking people out the sky like they’re nothing.  Now, this is impressive! This is one of the most rage-inducing ways to die, however getting kills in this fashion will never get old. The aim was crisp and the play was insane, check it out now!


Award 9

dave_xb is the winner of the ninth award for this week, with his video: don‘t do me like that. It's only a quick one, however, blink and you'll miss it. He ends up seeing himself get absolutely destroyed by the opposing soldier, quicker than you can even begin to shoot! Can we get an F in the chat for this? F.


Award 10

Diezel bags himself the final award for this week with his incredible series of PipTips! For those of you who want to get on your way to becoming pip millionaires, this is going to be the series that you want to watch! Check it out and learn some great tips by clicking right here to check out his channel!


So, go out there, enhance your content, and keep it weird for the chance to be partnered or even to win an award! Check back here next week to see who has won once more. We hope to see you in Juice! As always, enjoy yourselves and make sure to upload your best gaming moments to fruitlab!        


Wishing you all well,   



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