Partner and Award Spotlight 23/7

Partner and Award Spotlight 23/7

New Partners and Awards spotlight!  


This Friday, the momentous partnership event took place as it does every Friday, the moment when a red becomes purple! Receiving the fruitlab partnership is not something that comes easily, so witnessing the event is truly a moment to behold! Provided your computer can keep up with the spam (If it can’t, we recommend using our brand-new app to make your troubles much easier!) We will be featuring the new partners and awards within an article with a quick summary of which we plan to post every week on either Friday or Saturday!  


We are also trying out a new Partners and Awards format this week, with LoganRadioRocks making a video summary of all of the new Partners and Awards for the week! Check it out on his channel for a quick roundup! 

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Our first partner for this week was JamesFlux! Bringing us content from the world of Apex Legends, he's here to show you quality gameplay whilst also bringing you all the information you need to become a Megamind in the world of Apex lore, leaks and upcoming events! Check him out as soon as you get the chance and congratulate him on becoming partner!



Second, up for partnership this week was BigBank! Bringing us great short-form content from Valorant and PubG, there's going to be something on his channel that you enjoy watching! Join him as he climbs his way to the top, improving at PC every day since he switched over from console! Check out his channel now and send some good vibes his way!



Our final partner for this week was CheckpointChat! A masterpiece of Vodcasting ready for you to watch! With their videos coming from incredibly varying sources, this is one you want to grab a snack and drink for and get watching right away, there's lots of amazing content for you to get watching! Check them out now!




Award 1

UMadBroYolo takes home the first award for this week with their great video: COFFIN DANCE but in Fortnite | Alien edition. Back at it again with another classic entry into the Coffin Dance series! The skit's always fun so make sure to check it out as soon as you can for a good laugh!


Award 2

Travisteez secures the second award for this week with his video: He Had No Idea. Now this one is really funny! Escape from Tarkov can be a very tough game at times, but this guy really didn't even try to hide with his prone spot! Travisteez wasted no time by killing this guy in such a disrespectful way! Check it out!

Award 3

Raven_God_Gaming is the winner of the third award for this week with his nutty video: Lucky Solo Clutch in Duos (Warzone) Even if somethings a bit luckier than you might have expected, you've gotta respect the skill to even do it in the first place! Now, this was quite impressive, to say the least! GG! 


Award 4

BarbuanYT snags the fourth award for this week with his video: How To Build An Aquarium Easy In Minecraft. This one is really cool! For those of you who're looking for ideas on what exactly you should get building on Minecraft, a perfect example is what's in this video! This Aquarium is certain to improve any house by 100%! Watch it now!


Award 5

SkyDiveEve wins the fifth award this week with her video: Turning my friends into R&M characters Part 1. The talent here is nutty! Everyone needs a friend who can Rick and Morty'fy them on request! The result here ends up looking exactly like something from the show! Doing the fruitlab team when?!?!


Award 6

Mezig secures the sixth award this week for himself with his video: So I Just Played KennyS and Smooya (ez clap). Now, this is crazy, with KennyS being one of the most popular CSGO players of all time, finding him in-game and then proceeding to dismantle him is just insane! Check out this video for how exactly it went down!


Award 7

Almissa snags the seventh award for himself with his series of State of Decay! You can check out the first episode by clicking the link right here! The game looks like a whole lot of fun and you already know that the personality within these videos is always enjoyable! Make sure to check his series out and keep up to date with it!


Award 8

HowzItGazza is the winner of this weeks eighth award with his video: Cango Wildlife Charity and Competition Giveaway!! The meaning and project behind this video are applaudable, to say the least! With the whole purpose being to support nature and the Wildlife in Cango, there couldn't be a better wildlife cause right now to get behind, make sure to go and show some huge support for this!


Award 9

irunshibb bags himself the final award for this week with his video: Lost Ark : How to Pick Your MAIN. Bringing you some early content from the game straight from the beta, if this is the game for you then you're going to want to start watching right away! This could be the difference between being a low and high-level player when the game fully releases! Check it out now!


So, go out there, enhance your content, and keep it weird for the chance to be partnered or even to win an award! Check back here next week to see who has won once more. We hope to see you in Juice! As always, enjoy yourselves and make sure to upload your best gaming moments to fruitlab!        


Wishing you all well,   



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