Partner and Award Spotlight 30/7

Partner and Award Spotlight 30/7

New Partners and Awards spotlight!  


This Friday, the momentous partnership event took place as it does every Friday, the moment when a red becomes purple! Receiving the fruitlab partnership is not something that comes easily, so witnessing the event is truly a moment to behold! Provided your computer can keep up with the spam (If it can’t, we recommend using our brand-new app to make your troubles much easier!) We will be featuring the new partners and awards within an article with a quick summary of which we plan to post every week on either Friday or Saturday!  


We are also trying out a new Partners and Awards format this week, with TPShow making a video summary of all of the new Partners and Awards for the week! Check it out on his channel for a quick roundup! 

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Our first partner for this week was DeathKnellZero! Bringing us content from the FPS genre, it's clear to see just why he made the jump to partner this week! With his videos ranging from Escape from Tarkov all the way to Call of Duty, there's a wide range of shooters for you to check out! Make sure to check out his channel now and congratulate him!



Our second partner for the week was Armyman01! His great videos are incredibly enjoyable and frankly, we all love to watch them! He posts an insane range of content on his channel that's both easy to watch and engaging! He posts content from Destiny all the way to R6 Siege! Check him out whenever you get the chance!



Our last but by no means least partner for this week was GamingDeezy! Bringing the pain from the worlds of Warzone, it's clear from his explosive gameplay alone just why he made this jump! Make sure to drop on down under to the realms of Australia to give him a warm welcome to the worlds of partnership!




Award 1

brainfreaks takes home our first award for this week with his video: How to use Dead silence. You'd really hate to be the guy on the receiving end of a kill like this! brainfreaks sneaks up on his opponent in spectacular fashion and even secures the finisher! Check it out! 


Award 2

human337 takes home the second award for this week with his video: My BioShock lighthouse in Minecraft. It's not often at this point that a Minecraft build truly impresses you... However, this one really hits the spot. Bioshock Infinite is a great game and seeing it represented within Minecraft with some stunning shaders can't be beaten! Watch it now?


Award 3

nuwa6th takes home the third award for this week with his CSGO masterclass: New Mirage Smoke(Window). It's not every day that a new useful smoke for one of the longest-lasting CSGO maps there is... However, nuwa6th does just that with this huge brain smoke! Check it out right now! 


Award 4

SkyDiveEve is here to win the fourth award of the week with her video: sky’s not the limit. Skydiving is something that most people want to try at some point, this quick video showcases the fun of it within a small clip in a great way! Check it out... Maybe you'll even be left wanting to take the jump yourself!


Award 5

AmericanRiotTV is the winner of the fifth award for this week with his video: Battlefield 4 Battlefeels. RIP. Having a kill stolen never feels good, this was certainly one of these occasions and you really have to feel the pain here! Not even the dog tags were left behind, f.


Award 6

JustThose_Guys is here to win the sixth award this week with his video: 18 KILL GAME BLOODHOUND MONTAGE. Safe to say he went a little beast mode here, not quite a 20 kill match, but 18 will still do nicely! We really do love to see it. Check it out and pick up some Apex Legends tips right now!


Award 7

JVP_Drawing is here to draw themselves into the seventh award this week: Drawing pathfinder as a cartoon! After being requested to draw this particular legend, he popped off with this drawing. You might have arrived expecting something amateur however this is certainly not the case, we are impressed!


Award 8

FullClip takes home the eighth award from this week with his video: I Finally Fixed My Broken Headset! However, most people would simply throw away their headsets when faced with any sort of difficulty, this time things are different. FullClip's armed with the know-how on how he can fix his own headset and we have to say, this is actually quite something. Check it out now! 


Award 9

JD_Games wins the ninth award for this week with their video: CLIFF JUMP SNIPER SHOT!!! Warzone is one of the games that are particularly unforgiving, especially when you've got a sniper in your hand! JD_Games proves that you can still go beast mode whilst at a disadvantage! Check out this insane kill!


Award 10

Synfullxb secures the final award for this week, the tenth award! With two videos this time, they were too good to not reward! Both: world record headshot with the ross rifle and the famous quad headshot. Both of these videos are incredibly impressive and showcase his insane skill at the game! Check them out as soon as you possibly can to be amazed!


So, go out there, enhance your content, and keep it weird for the chance to be partnered or even to win an award! Check back here next week to see who has won once more. We hope to see you in Juice! As always, enjoy yourselves and make sure to upload your best gaming moments to fruitlab!        


Wishing you all well,   



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