Partner and Award Spotlight 22/10

Partner and Award Spotlight 22/10

New Partners and Awards spotlight!  


This Friday, the momentous partnership event took place as it does every Friday, the moment when a red becomes purple! Receiving the fruitlab partnership is not something that comes easily, so witnessing the event is truly a moment to behold! Provided your computer can keep up with the spam (If it can’t, we recommend using our brand-new app to make your troubles much easier!) We will be featuring the new partners and awards within an article with a quick summary of which we plan to post every week on either Friday or Saturday!  


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First up to enter the world of partnership this week was Cpt.Zeus, bringing us content from a crazy wide range of games. Check out his channel if you enjoy games like Pokemon, Halo, Splitgate and Among Us! With a personality built to entertain, it's a real no brainer that you should check out some of his content right away!



Our second partner for the week was Supercorris84! Driving and drifting his way into the partnership program with his elite driving skills, it's certainly no surprise that he joined this elite club with driving skills to match the very best on the world stage. If you enjoy high octane driving content then you're certainly in the right place!



Last but by no means least for this week we saw Megaticker secure fruitlab partnership! If you're looking for gaming content mixed right in with a great selection of high-quality unboxing videos and reviews! You really won't find better unboxing content, jump right in and brush up on your Italian at the same time!




Award One

MayorReynoldsTV secures the first award for this week with his video: Ready for War: A G FUEL inspired short film. Skits often provide some of the funniest content we see on the platform, so seeing MayorReynoldsTV stepping up to the plate meant that we were certainly in for a good one and he more than delivered! Check it out now!


Award Two

CheckpointChat is the winner of the second award for this week with their video: Should You Buy The Nintendo Switch OLED? With the recent release of the new Switch Oled Model, it's only right that you might want to check out some peoples thoughts on this before you pull the trigger and grab one yourself!


Award Three

MurkN101 grabs the third award for this week with their video: Ellie's Boomstick. Now then, we know shotguns can be quite a force to be reckoned with, however, this sort of power should simply be illegal! With this trip to space, we're sure you got at least a few laughs out of this video!


Award Four

ItsMeNavarrete wins the fourth award for this week with his video: Trying The NEW Aitana Meal from McDonald's! Who doesn't like a bit of McDonald's every now and then but everyone has their own order, so when new foods come out, it's all about trying them out! 


Award Five

Vexcenot takes home the fifth award from this week with his video: spoopy Snow Golem Halloween Costume. Everyone loves to dress up over Halloween, so it's always amazing when people take it into their own hands to create elements of their costume! Vexcenot goes Minecraft beast mode here and fully creates his artistic headpiece!


Award Six

UMadBroYolo is back to claim the sixth award from this week with his video: Turning Fortnite Skins Into Real-Life. This video gives off seriously cursed vibes with how scary some of these characters look when placed into the real world. Can we vote to unsee this video!


Award Seven

CrateUp wins the seventh award from this week with his video: Minecraft Features that got CUT! It's not often that we get a behind the scenes look at Minecraft in this way so a video like this is incredibly interesting to see. Make sure to check it out to increase your Minecraft Brain!


Award Eight

EpicNau grabs the eighth award from this week with his video: That Battlefield Moment. The beta for Battlefield 2042 took place last week and many have been left with incredibly varying opinions on what they thought about the experience. Check it out and see what you think too!


Award Nine

TPShow secures the Ninth award from this week with their video: Driver TV Show? DeathLoop. When TPShow gets involved you already know you're going to get a great chat video filled with content that will get your brains whirring, make sure to check out this video now!


Award Ten

KreJaxTV is the winner of the tenth award with their video: -Synergy- A Tarkov Short - Jebaited!! Knowing just how difficult Escape From Tarkov is as a game makes this play all the more incredible when you watch it, sometimes that combination you get with a friend is unmatched when it comes to teamwork. Check the video out to be amazed!


Award Eleven

SurpriseMF wins the eleventh award for the week with his video: Valorant Cinematic Montage - PAIN. You can't beat a montage when it comes to great clips, great music and pure vibes! SurpriseMF has all of the above in large quantities! Make sure to jump right in and let him know what you thought about this montage!


Award Twelve

Drivatar grabs the final award for the week with his video: I videogiochi fanno bene. For our Italian viewers out there and those looking to practise their Italian, look no further than this video as it dips into subjects that might not otherwise get discussed! Check it out now to get some good old gaming news!


So, go out there, enhance your content, and keep it weird for the chance to be partnered or even to win an award! Check back here next week to see who has won once more. We hope to see you in Juice! As always, enjoy yourselves and make sure to upload your best gaming moments to fruitlab!        


Wishing you all well,   



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