Godalions Rocket League tournament in partnership with Fruitlab!

Godalions Rocket League tournament in partnership with Fruitlab!

Rocket League Tournament

Good news for everyone who loves Rocket League, Godalions will be hosting a tournament every Saturday in partnership with Fruitlab! We are new to the Fruitlab community but in the short amount of time we’ve been here we’ve felt the love from everyone and we’re loving the amazing platform they host. We can’t wait to host Rocket League tournaments for you so you can join in and get involved more with us!

Would you like some more information about the tournament?

•    Hosted on smash.gg -> https://smash.gg/tournament/godalions-weeklies
•    3 v 3, you’ll need to signup with your team in advance
•    Matches will usually be streamed on Twitch.tv/Godalions
•    50k pips prizepool, split evenly between all member of the winning team
•    EU Servers – NA players are welcome, but matches are to be hosted on EU server

Timings and Schedule

All tournaments are planned to be hosted on a Saturday at the same time each week:

•    Teams must be registered before 6pm CEST
•    Tournament starts at 7pm CEST


•    Single Elimination
•    All rounds before the Quarter Finals will be Bo3
•    All Finals will be Bo5 (Quarters, Semi and Grand Final)

Do You Need Help?

If you need any help or have any questions then please ask in the #tournament-support channel in our discord and a moderator will do their best to resolve your issues.

Once you join the discord please accept the rules and pickup your tournaments role in #getyourroles.

----->>>> https://discord.godalions.co.uk <<<<----

How to Sign Up

Below is a step by step guide on how to sign up for the tournament, we are assuming you have an account with smash.gg, if you haven’t got an account then make sure you sign up before following the guide we have provided below.

1) Visit the smash.gg page https://smash.gg/tournament/godalions-weeklies

2) After reading the information provided you will then want to check which event you want to sign up for, in this example we’ll be signing up for Event #1.

3) You’ll now want to select the event again on the register screen.

4) You now have 2 options at the bottom of the event you selected; creating a team or joining a team.

a) Creating a new team

i. Enter yourselves a new team name, maybe think of something fun to represent you and your teammates.

ii. Invite your teammates, you can either invite them by their gamertag (smash.gg gamertag) or you can invite by email. 

iii. Then select the platform you’ll be playing from. 

b) Joining a team – if your friends have already created one.

i. Simply search for your friends team name and you’ll be able to request to join, nice and easy!

ii. Then select the platform you’ll be playing from.

5) Once you’ve done all the above simply select continue at the bottom of the page. After this you’ll have to accept registration information and some basic Terms of Service. 
You’re ALL DONE! We hope you have a great time in the tournament and if you need any help regarding anything then join our discord and speak to our Tournament Staff, they should be able to assist with everything tournament related including signing up.

----->>>> https://discord.godalions.co.uk <<<<----