Summer Showdown Information & Team Update!

Summer Showdown Information & Team Update!

                  Summer Showdown Team & Game Information


Hello once again - we are back with an update that you will all want to read! 


First things first, we have successfully assigned you all a team. You have all been randomly allocated into one of the 3 Summer Showdown teams; Gator, Duck and Flamingo. We have provided all the relevant information for each one of the games - so check the ones you've signed up for to see how to get involved.


In addition to this we have also decided to let you pick your teammates for both Apex Legends and Warzone. Check which players have also signed up from your region and are on the same team and send them a message on Juice to get squadded up! We suggest you contact them in advance to arrange your trio and agree on what time you will connect and play.


                                                *** PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR THE TEAM INFORMATION SHEET! ***


If you are having trouble finding your name on the sheet, please use CTRL+F (if on windows) or command+F (if on Mac) to open the finder tool. Simply type your fruitlab username and you will find your details. 


Please make sure you are in Juice at least 15 minutes before each event you have entered starts. This is so that we have enough time to fill lobbies and replace any no shows! 

If you haven’t already, make sure you check out the tournament schedule so you can find out exactly when your event is starting!