SuperSlices Winners

SuperSlices Winners

We're sure that over the past month you've become aware of the popular SuperSlices challenge that we've had going on, now that it's officially the 1st of October, it's time to announce the winners!

Even if you didn't manage to win this time, don't be disheartened, keep your eyes peeled as there will soon be another insane challenge coming to take part in!

The winners of the challenge will all receive a PIP prize and some crazy fruitlab official merch! 

Without further hesitation, let's get into the winners!


1st Place- 500k PIPS + Merch


-Best moments Call of Duty Warzone

This clip is absolutely insane, we're sure you can understand the levels of dedication to the Bow that you need to pull a play like this off within Warzone. To add even further insult to injury, Dronni_Makaroni doesn't simply kill them on the ground, he does it aerial strike style from the Helicopter! Huge congratulations on 1st Place!


2nd Place- 250k PIPS + Merch


-This is my happy place

For Second place, we've got an incredibly soothing agricultural video straight from FarmLab. To put paraphrase some of his wise words "If you're sad, get down to a farm". You've got us all wanting to take a nice trip down to one Mr. FarmLab, great job, and congratulations on second place!


3rd Place- 125k PIPS + Merch


-8 killstreak

Popping off with a sniper rifle has never felt as good as this, styling his way into third place we have dave_xb. Using a sniper within shooting games isn't particularly hard, however, being this good at it shows that you've earned your place at the highest level of gameplay! We're truly impressed! Congrats on third place!


4th Place-  75k PIPS + Merch


-sector pushing | battlefield 5

Here we have Mr. Synfullxb himself going beast mode whilst pushing with a sniper rifle within Battlefield 5. Headshot after headshot after headshot is on the menu for today's clip. The enemy couldn't even realise what was happening to them until it was too late to do anything about it. F for them, W for Synfullxb. Congrats on 4th Place!


5th Place- 25k PIPS + Merch


-BF3 - Luck or Skill? xD???????

For our final winner for the SuperSlices Challenge, who else but meme man J0KEP0KE himself! With an insane snipe whilst he was falling down to the ground, even FaZe clan members are stunned by this! Congratulations on 5th Place!


We really hoped you all enjoyed watching the winning entries as much as we did selecting them (Not that it was easy.) And that you'll all make sure to get entering into our next competition!


Wishing you all well,


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