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Howzit (Hello in South Africa) Gazza here!!! Been playing games before I could even ride a bike. A passion that I have that I would love to share to you. I have a beautiful daughter with severe apraxia. When she was born we found out that she had to have hearing aids due to an under developed cochlea nerve. We though, how could this happen to us. Only later did we find out about the apraxia. Many years she has been to speech therapy and occupational therapy and the mountains she faces she is climbing. As a father I know its difficult sometimes and we are blessed to help her through all the trials. But some people are not that fortunate especially when it comes to finance. I want to take my passion for gaming and make a difference in this world. Revenue from this channel will go to people that are going through the same things that we are going through but are less fortunate. Thank you for reading the above and may we all make a difference in this world. Here's a bit about me. Name: Gareth Location: South Africa Age: 39 Size: Gabriel Iglesias "Fluffy"Passion: Games, Sports and Music



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