HELLO and welcome to my Channel-/- I am a regular guy Working full time and when I have time off from work or not busy with family I love to play video games!!! Drop me a follow for feature “giveaways“ THAT happen every 100-200follows!!! So stay active on my channel and make sure to comment on my clips! I love giving back to the community that make my channel the way it is BECAUSE without supporters and fans I would not be able to do giveaways or make anything of Fruitlab and thank you to Fruitlab for making this possible for us gamers to gain extra exposure and extra side $$$ THANK YOU ALL :) you can add me on Xbox- Le3viathan or on epic- Le3viathan Main games I play are CODMW and Rogue Compnay! If you ever want to play let me know!!! I DO FOLLOW FOR FOLLOW TOO JUST MESSAGE ME IF YOU WANT THAT... Thanks for the support..!!!