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Vanilla WoW player here, I decided to create my own channel in 2017, but I'm on Youtube since 2006 (as a viewer only). I make FULL GAMES WALKTHROUGHS, OdebGaming is a MULTIGAMING (No Commentary) channel so you can expect all genres of games, fully edited educational Walkthrough videos & Game Guides. Why no commentary ? Well the first reason is because I watch a lot of no commentary gameplay / walkthroughs on Youtube, it feels more immersive and the second reason is that English is not my first language, I'm a French & Spanish native speaker, both are my native languages so i'm not really comfortable to speak in English at this moment, actually I don't feel it will bring something "NEW" there is already a lot of commentary gameplays, this is the best way for me at least for now. I'm improving my English through video games so, Perhaps one day ? Who knows ?. Everything on this channel has been recorded and edited by myself to exclude deaths, mistakes and long loading times in order to provide the best and unique viewing experience, all videos are EDITED and aimed for educational purpose. This is a MultiGaming Channel so you can expect every type of games my goal is to cover as many games as possible, even the "bad ones" I speak fluent French & Spanish, so feel free to comment and I'll reply ! Titles, descriptions, playlists are also translated in Spanish & French if you're watching Youtube from France or Spain, and lastly but not least follow me if you like my content ! ;)



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