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Hello and Welcome! My name is Mike aka "The Maestro" and I am a High School Band Director. I have been teaching music for over 24 years and my greatest passion is being able to teach my students the beauty of making music! I have taught over 10 thousands students in my career and what I want them to get from playing an instrument and making music is passion! Passion for music, for life and a passion for others! I have been playing video games all my life since I was about 8 years old. My first gaming system was an Odyssey II and I grew up playing Colecovision, Intellevision and Atari! Once Nintendo came out my life was changed forever in the video game scene. I have owned every console and those are my fondest memories growing up. Then Halo came out and that's when my love of FPS multiplayer games started. I used to have LAN parties to all hours of the night. As a matter of fact when Halo 2 came out I stayed up until 4AM and had teach the next day! I love coffee, food and family and if you visit my Twitter or Instagram you'll see alot of food pictures!