• Simply click "I'm In" to register your interest in one of the Tournaments listed below! Please contact a member of Team fruitlab in Juice if you would like to organise a tournament!



    We now have our very own Ark: Survival Evolved servers thanks to Sauron and Fecci. There are both PvE and PvP servers so you are either free to build and train animals to your heart's content; or to go full dino. We will be hosting special events for PIP prizes such as Deathmatch, Labyrinth and Dino Arena - so come and get involved!

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    Welcome to the fruitlab Clash Royale clan! Join us in our quest to take fruitlab to the top of the clash royale leaderboards. Work together to make clips for fruitlab, whilst making friends and allies. Open to all levels and abilities - let's help eachother level up.

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    Back yourself as a Rocket League god? Or simply want to see Cobra perform some magic?Then come and play in our weekly Rocket League games for a chance to win big PIP prizes. Everyone welcome!

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    If COD Mobile is your game, then get involved with the fruitlab daily COD Mobile competition! Every Monday to Friday at 4PM UK time- come and compete for big PIP prizes and measure yourself against other fruitlab users!.

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    It’s F@5 – The Big PIP Tournament is here!

    Want to earn big, big, piles of juicy PIPs?! Look no further. If you can play Fortnite then get involved in our crazy Saturday action – everyone is welcome! Plus, a great chance to snipe members of Team fruitlab!

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    CSGO Sundays - 5v5 PIP Tounaments

    Get your squad together, put your strats to the test and compete for hefty PIP prizes. Lots of players stream – particularly JustThose_Guys! Another good chance to snipe members of Team fruitlab!

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    War time in the fruitlab clan!

    Welcome to the fruitlab Clash of Clans clan. The fruitlab clan is friendly,active and keen on donations and helping all clan members. We accept Titan League players to complete novice players. Usually very few places available but please come and ask if you are interested.

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    Welcome to the fruitlab Minecraft server!

    The Minecraft server is here for the fruitlab community as a place to create content, meet friends or just play in peace! With a creative and survival server and events with PIP prizes coming soon there’s lots of ways to get involved.

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