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Welcome to the official fruitlab COD Mobile page!

Every Monday to Friday at 4pm BST (UK time), the fruitlab COD Mobile players get together to compete for PIPs . Everyone is welcome but you need to be Level 3 in game to be able to join the server. The game mode we play is Team Death Match! Get Involved!


Instructions on how to join:

To start racking up the kills and moving up the leaderboard, firstly you need to add @Angus97 and @Lamb as friends in COD Mobile. Their gamer tags are Angus97 and LambFL.

Then come into Juice General Chat at around 3:45pm BST (UK time) and let it be known that you want to play. Depending on numbers, 2 separate games may be run.



- Basics
    • Have to be a member of fruitlab.
    • Need to be Level 3 on COD Mobile.
    • Private games hosted by either Angus97 (Angus97) or Lamb (LambFL).
    • All results are recorded then added into the fruitlab COD Mobile league table.
    • Leaving your lobby whilst you are in a game is prohibited. (If you leave your kills during that game wont count towards the league table)
    • Scorestreaks such as Goliaths, Stealth Choppers, Cluster Strikes and VTOLS are NOT allowed. (Using this scorestreaks will lead to deduction of kills          on the league table.)
    • You are not allowed use the Annihilator Operator.

- Game & Joypads
    • No controllers are allowed.
    • Games must be played via an iOS or Android mobile device. No emulators.