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Welcome to the official fruitlab Clash of Clans Clan page!

We are always looking for new members for the fruitlab Clash of Clans team – members will naturally rotate out of the clan every now and then – so if you are interested in joining please notify Martyn.

As the first clan is usually full there is also another - message chay if you would like to get involved with the underdogs!

The fruitlab Clash of Clans clans participate in regular clan wars (roughly 1 or 2 a week), donating, chatting, requesting and TH levelling up! It is a friendly clan based on having a laugh and having a go. We are happy to take super pro Players or beginners – no judgement will be passed – just get stuck in and enjoy your clashing!

Instructions on how to join

The clan name's are 'fruitlab' and '' so you can search or click the names below for the link:

The Main Clan

The 2nd Clan 


Nothing too strict(!).. have fun, be respectful, if you are in a war please complete your attacks for the sake of the team.  That’s about it really! There are plenty of donators of high-level troops in the clan, just ask as many times as you want.

Videos from the fruitlab Clash of Clans attacks

Please note that any cool videos from the fruitlab Clash of Clans attacks will be posted on the homepage under the category of Tournaments. If you do post a video just bring it to the attention of any of the members of Team fruitlab and your video can be looked at to move it up to the homepage!

Key fruitlab Clash of Clans Players

Please feel free to reach out to any of them in Juice if you have any questions about the rules and events in our Clash of Clans clan. There is also a dedicated channel in Juice if you have any questions so you can use this too!