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WELCOME To the new Official fruitlab Clash Royale clan!

The clan will be welcoming up to 50 members with open arms.

Card donation, Clan war, Friendly battle, Events and a lot more coming in the future as long with the oppurtunity to be a featured videos in Field Ops here on the fruitlab website.

Instructions on how to join

Simply inserting the server's ip or Discord!

CLICK THIS LINK or search "Fruitlab"

1. When you send youre request you have to add youre fruitlab username to it
2. In case you're rejected go and talk to the leader or co-leader of the clan (DrMint or Chicky)
3. Be involved with clan wars and card donations
4. Don't spam in the chat

Dont forget to join soon, so we can make togother the history of clash royal in fruitlab.