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Welcome to the official fruitlab CS:GO page!

We host regular tournaments from wingman to full 5v5 tournaments - if you and your team are interested be sure to get involved!

The Tournaments

There are at least two tournament's every week:

- CS:GO Wingman - Saturdays at 8:00pm UK time

- CS:GO Sunday    - Sundays at 2:00pm UK time

Keep an eye on the schedule here for any other tournaments that may be more region specific.

Instructions on how to join

What’s required?

- A FACEIT account 
- 40 hours of CS:GO playtime on your steam account
- FACEIT anti cheat, installed, updated and running during the tournament!
- (The FACEIT Client is also recommend but not required as you can just use the web browser!)

If you want to join one of JustThose_Guys tournaments on a Saturday or Sunday - it's best to send him a Direct Message before hand here - Message


- Tournaments have best of 1 knockout rounds.
- You win you go through, you loose and you’re out!
- The rule sets of matches are the same as standard 5v5 and wingman games in Counter Strike

More details can be found here

Videos from CS:GO tournaments

Please note that any awesome videos from the fruitlab CS:GO events will be posted on this page and on the homepage in the Tournament row - so remember to record those aces and one deags!. If you do post a video just bring it to the attention of any of the members of Team fruitlab and your video can be looked at to go on the homepage!