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Welcome to the official fruitlab Fortnite page!

Come and join the fruitlab community and win big prizes in our Fortnite events throughout the week. The tournaments are available to signed up fruitlab members and consist of different formats in different regions.

Instructions on how to join

In order to join the frolicking Fortnite festives – just come to Juice Fortnite Chat. 15 minutes before the first match, the code will be released on Juice. Use this custom code to enter the fruitlab event. First 100 to queue will be in!

Click here


• Have to be a member of fruitlab
• Solos/Duos/Squads private matching
• EU/NAE/Asia servers 
• Up to 100 entrants per match
• First come first served in the queue

• Teaming is strictly prohibited
• All games can be replayed. Any teaming will result in a ban from our events!

Most kills
• Please report on Juice if you believe you have the highest kill score after each match
• You are only eligible if you take a screen shot of your kills
• Your kill score will be checked
• No false claims please!

Epic tag
• Please enter your Epic gamer tag in your Manage Channel page

Winning10,000 PIPsVictory Royale
Most Kills10,000 PIPsMust take a screen shot and will be checked!


All PIPs are distributed after the completion of the event by a member of staff. Notification will be provided on Juice when the PIPs have been distributed. Please note that it can sometimes take a few minutes for the database to update your PIP balance.