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Welcome to the fruitlab Minecraft Server -!

Come and join the fruitlab community in our official Minecraft server!

There is a creative map, where we will be holding competitions and building projects. There is also a Hunger Games server - where you can pit your wits against other users. And of course, there is a vanilla survival server, where pretty much anything goes so be careful.

Keep an eye out for future events such as hunger games for PIP prizes, group building projects, and maybe we can take on the ender dragon as a team.

Instructions on how to join

Make sure you have the Java version of minecraft.

Put our server IP - -  in the server address bar and you are ready to go!

If you are having any problems:

Contact us


• No claiming plots
• No building over other people’s builds without permission
• Do not intentionally block off other people’s builds
• No excessive use of lava/water
• No harassing other users

• No cheating
• No harassing other users
• ... that's it

News and Events

- We run Hunger Games competitions for big PIP Prizes every Wednesday at 3pm UK time - come and try your luck!

Videos from the fruitlab Minecraft Server

Please note that any cool videos from the Minecraft Server will be posted on the homepage in the tournament row. If you do post a video just bring it to the attention of any of the members of Team fruitlab and your video can be looked at to move it up to the homepage!