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Great Midfield Pass!
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Welcome to the official fruitlab Rocket League page!

Take on the fruitlab Rocket League community and win BIG PIP PRIZES in our weekly tournaments! The tournaments are available to fruitlab members and consist of solos and duos matches every Wednesday at 6pm and 8pm GMT (UK time).

Instructions on how to join

Head to General Chat in Juice 15 minutes before the start time. The name and password of the tournament lobby will be provided in General Chat. Use this password to enter the fruitlab tournament and bring your A-game! The numbers of players present will decide whether it is a duos or singles knock-out.

Click here


• You must be a member of fruitlab
• Solos or duos private tournament lobbies depending on turnout
• EU server (we plan to introduce US/Asia server based lobbies in the future)
• Up to 100 entrants per tournament
• First come first served

Rocket League ID
• Please enter your tag in your bio on your Manage Channel page

Winning10,000 PIPsTournament Win


All PIPs are distributed after the completion of the event by a member of staff. Notification will be provided in General Chat on Juice when the PIPs have been distributed. Please note that it can sometimes take a few minutes for the database to update your PIP balance.