Partner Program
Partner Program



The fruitlab Partner Program has been created to acknowledge and support the highest quality content creators on fruitlab. The time and effort certain content creators invest in their videos and photos sets them apart and, in recognition of this fact, they are afforded certain additional privileges on fruitlab by being members of the fruitlab Partner Program.

Benefits of being a member of the fruitlab Partner Program
  • Increased PIP earning rates

    The most significant benefit that all Partners receive is higher PIP earnings per view. As PIP rates vary, we cannot be precise on this increase, but it should be expected that earnings will be increased by at least 100% as a result of joining the Partner Program over what they would otherwise have been.

  • Content attracts higher XP for viewers

    In addition to earning more PIPs per view for the Partner, Partner content generates higher XP for the viewer, with the XP rate per Partner content being 100% higher than the non-Partner rate.

  • Content promotion

    The third benefit is that Partner content is promoted more often and more widely across the platform, bringing significantly higher visibility to that content creator. Associated with this promotion, Partners will be able to access the Partner Promotion PIP Fund, a fund of PIPs that are set aside to support Partner content in whatever manner the Partner requires. All requests for Partner Promotion should be directed to @Chay.

  • Account management

    Each fruitlab Partner has direct access to a member of Team fruitlab, providing personal access for assistance and answers to any questions.

  • Access to private Juice channel

    Partners have access to a private, Partner only, Juice channel. Partners will be able to use this for communicating with Team fruitlab and for meeting and connecting with other Partners making, for example, collaborations easier to arrange.

  • Application Procedure

    To apply to join the fruitlab Partner Program, please complete the attached form.


    Please note that the Partner Program is run by @Chay, all matters relating to the Partner Program should be directly to @Chay in first instance.

Membership of the fruitlab Partner Program is a privilege, not a right. The basis of assessment for membership is determined solely at the discretion of Team fruitlab. Decisions on acceptance to the fruitlab Partnership and removal from the Partnership are at the discretion of Team fruitlab. All actions of a registered member of fruitlab are taken into consideration when determining eligibility for the fruitlab Partner Program.

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