PIPs are the fruitlab on-platform value units that members can earn


The PIP is in the process of being converted into an independent utility token


PIPs today are explained below, more information on the PIP tokenisation will be released soon

PIPs today

PIP tokenisation

PIPs explained


PIPS MINTED9,232,492,996


= $1.00
PIPs Explained

PIPs are units of value that can be earned, won, lost, purchased, donated and staked on fruitlab.

The number of PIPs in your account can be seen on your own user homepage. On web your PIP balance is shown in the top right of the screen and on the fruitlab mobile app it is the first number beside your profile picture on your homepage. Only you can see your PIP account balance, it is hidden from view to all other platform users.

The first PIP ledger was created in 2018 as an encrypted private blockchain implementation hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS). The PIP ledger was updated to public operational standards utilising AWS technology and launched on 15 March 2019. The same PIP ledger is in operation today with billions upon billions of PIPs having been minted and transacted since launch.

“PIPs are life”

Confucius 501 BC

PIP Purchase
PIP Tokenisation

At present the private blockchain PIP ledger is operated on fruitlab within the self contained closed on-platform ecosystem. This is in the process of changing, with the PIP becoming a public blockchain utility token that is freely transferable and tradable both on and off the fruitlab platform.

The details of how this mechanism will operate will be released soon, initially with the publication of the PIP White Paper that is currently going through the regulatory preparation and approval process. This document will set out the basic elements of what the PIP utility token is (ERC-20), what the fixed total supply will be and the mechanism for earning PIPs (essentially the same as today).

Although there is lots of Einsteinian complexity to how public blockchain tech works you don’t need to worry about anything – your experience on fruitlab will be almost identical and the mechanisms for earning and using PIPs will be almost identical. The key difference will come in the value of the PIP, which will become variable and will be determined by the supply and demand for PIPs. Plus, you will be able to sell your PIPs off-platform in exchange for currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, subject to various administrative matters.

Note: once the PIP is tokenized the total number of PIPs that will ever be available will become fixed. As more PIPs are earned by members of the PIP ecosystem the rate at which PIPs will be available to be earned will slow down – supply will contract as more PIPs are earned.

“PIPs are the light when all around is the dark”

Aristotle 333 BC

How to earn PIPs

PIPs can be earned, won, purchased or received as a donation.

“The grind is real”

Descartes 1641 AD

The ways in which you can increase your PIP balance are as follows:
  • Upload Post


    You can post your videos at any time and on any subject matter but only your videos that are over 30 seconds in length will be eligible to earn PIPs. When your videos, that are over 30 seconds in length, are viewed for more than 3 seconds your account will be credited with PIPs. The rate at which PIPs are credited to your account varies depending on a range of factors relating to the viewer, for example frequency of watching and country.

  • XP


    XP is earned by members when they are active on fruitlab. The activities that earn XP, and the quantum of XP, can vary, along with variable XP bonuses, and are set out in a table that can be found by selecting the XP icon. The XP that is earned over the course of each week converts into PIPs each Monday. Please note that there can be XP available in the fruitlab mobile app and XP available on the web so be sure to check the XP table to see how to maximise your XP earnings.



    Download the fruitlab mobile app and head to the PIP icon at the top of the page. Upon opening the PIP icon, you will see a number of adverts that are available to be watched. Each time an advert is watched you will receive PIPs of varying amounts depending on the advertising conditions in your country.



    If you are prepared to put your skills to the test to win PIPs, you should head to the fruitlab Arcade. In the fruitlab Arcade you can stake your PIPs against other players in various games of skill with the winner receiving the staked PIPs less a 10% commission to fruitlab.



    You can purchase PIPs by clicking on the relevant icon on this page.



    As a large and friendly community, you will notice that many members donate PIPs. PIP donations might be received for all manner of positive on-platform behaviour that you undertake. Please note that begging for PIP donations is frowned upon!

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