Updated on 12 March 2021


The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that some of Team fruitlab have been a bit quiet of late.  Despite rumours to the contrary, we are not stuck in a deserted mineshaft per some Skippy the Kangaroo plot. Neither have we eloped to Denmark with a pet chinchilla name Daphne.

Instead, we have been working feverishly on a top-secret project that we believe will be game-changing for both fruitlab as a platform and you, the amazing fruitlab community.

We are now ready to announce what we have been up to…

But before we begin, it’s worth noting that although we have made great strides with this project it's going to take a while to implement so this is the first of what will be regular updates.

OK, so without further ado, drumroll please…



That’s right, we are working hard on moving the PIP onto blockchain and making it a tradable token of limited supply.

You’re welcome.

We know there will be a lot of questions and we will be releasing more information over the coming weeks, but we are working on the basis that:

a) Your existing PIP balances will be converted into the new PIP tokens when we launch

b) This is likely to happen around November time, so you have plenty of time to earn more PIPs before they convert

c) PIPs will still be able to be spent in the Shop and used on the Platform before and after conversion

d) There will be a fixed number of PIPs that will ever be minted and, similar to another well-known currency, they will get progressively harder to mine!

It doesn’t stop there though… we have a few things coming that will be transformational to the Platform and how PIPs are used. Some of these are not far away whilst others will come once we move to the PIP token.

So, yes, PIPs will be in limited supply after the conversion takes place and the number of ways PIPs will be capable of being used will increase. What on earth are we trying to do to the value of PIPs?!

This is really the most exciting period in the history of fruitlab, the combination of the new projects we are working on along with moving to a token will, we believe, supercharge the growth and adoption of the Platform. All of which will massively benefit you, the best community on the planet!

Exciting times ahead!

We look forward to providing more information soon.

Until then, head over to Juice with any questions.

Team fruitlab

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