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Thanks for finding ME! I am a streamer from Hartford, CT. A Proud Member of the Impulse eSports Stream Team. Former Radio Personality, Indy Wrestling Manager Templeton Peck, Band Tour Manager, & ***htclub GM! I was on the radio in CT, NY, and Miami (cause Miami is not really Florida😉). I have loved playing video games since my Dad brought home the Atari 2600 when I was 5. Make it known that he was not buying it for me really, as he was a huge Pac Man fan but I won none the less. FYI my favorite Atari game when I was a kid was “River Raid”. While we are at it I also think the Dreamcast was drastically under appreciated at the time, & yes I think Carol Baskins killed her husband & fed him to the tigers. But I digress, hope you are as happy as can be possible, healthy, & safe. So be kind to yourself & be good to others. Pay it forward, play it forward & I will see you around soon! Live at 10am EST/3pm GMT on Twitch. Make sure to Like, Follow, & Subscribe so you will know when to catch me *LIVE* Twitch/YT/IG/Twitter: LoganRadioRocks ~IMPULSE eSPORTS~ Proud Member of #IMPULSEESPORTS Stream Team Get to Know the Team GET $10 CREDIT!



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