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You can call me TheLemons/Dante, I'm from Africa and no I do not have a pet lion. I'm a full-time streamer, trying to make it in this big world. I'm 21 years old and for as long as I can remember I've always loved gaming, For the last few years I've wanted to become a professional gamer but I'm doo doo at games. As you can guess I have 170-200 ping when playing games without African servers so every now and then I'm gonna rage over dying because my shot didn't "register" or I'm "lagging". I've always been super competitive, yeah that's right, competitive but with a cape (I'm also really good at making bad jokes). I use my competitiveness to push myself to become the best at something I enjoy. The streaming journey I'm about to take is going to be a long, difficult and hopefully a successful one. I'm going to persevere no matter what, I hope we can enjoy the long and bumpy road ahead ;)



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